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Bigg Boss’ Gayathri Complaining About “Groupism” Is The Biggest Irony Of All Times!

Are you serious?


So what if Snehan made new friends? Why is she so bothered about three people talking together? Does she realize no one except very few puppets is willing to talk to her?

Hence, she decides to make a complaint to Aarav about how these newbies are forming a group with Snehan which is no good. She has been doing it for weeks now and she is unable to bear others doing the same for a few minutes! Oh, what an irony?

I don’t think she is ever going to change no matter what but gaining attention by saying stuff like “I’m going to win this game for Julie, Ganja Karuppu, Sakthi and Namitha, because they were all good people”, is totally irrelevant, annoying and also, we as viewers know the kind of people each of these contestants were.


Please do not say you are doing this for Julie because you would have only treated her like you did Oviya had she not listened to you and bowed her head down to you.

So, please Gayathri, irony doesn’t suit you; do not ever try to talk relevance when your game in this reality show has been irrelevant.You might be the person you are and it’s good to stay opinionated, but at least try to be unbiased? That might at least make you a subtle game player.



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