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Bigg Boss’ Gayathri Complaining About “Groupism” Is The Biggest Irony Of All Times!

Are you serious?


A character like Gayathri that is bossy, has an over-the-limits superiority complex, wants to dominate everyone because she considers herself to be the most honest, righteous and overconfident about her being. Gayathri can never empathise with people around her but herself.

She annoys her mates, makes them feel horrible about themselves until they agree to what she says and makes them bow down to her. There hasn’t been a day where Gayathri has spoken high of someone. She is confined to a group that listens to whatever she says and supports her in every aspect.

A lot has changed ever since Oviya and Sakthi left the House. Like Raiza mentioned, Gayathri actually has started to feel the pressure of being alone and it’s high time she feels it because that’s how she made other contestants’ lives miserable.

However, neither has she changed nor will stop creating a group. She has made Aarav into a puppet who slowly adapting and giving into the cunningness of Gayathri. Aarav has become impatient and angry which is opposite to the person he was in week one.

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