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Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Update: Here are the New Set of Rules and Regulation!

According to media reports the promo for season 4 Bigg Boss with host Kamal Haasan will be shot by the end of next month and is likely to start airing from October 2020. The most speculated list of contestants are  Ramya Pandian, Sunainaa, Athulya Ravi, Vidyulekha Raman, Kiran Rathod, Pugazh and ‘Cook With Comali’ fame Shivangi. However, there is no official update about their confirmation to be a part of the show. The technical team is also considering the virtual appearance of Kamal from his own place when interacting with the contestants.

Due to the the current corona virus pandemic a new set of rules are aligned. Social distancing is to be maintained by all technical staff and the internal team. The contestants who are selected will have to undergo COVID 19 tests and will be quarantined for two weeks and then after another test only will be allowed inside the sets. Social distancing will be the norm not only for the technical crew inside the set but also for the contestants and those who violate may be expelled from the show.

Also it is being speculated that this season more importance will be given to check the contestants mental health. This precautionary steps is coming to action maybe due to Season 1 and 3 mishaps. BBS1 saw Oviya’s mental health being pushed over the weeks until in the end she jumped into the pool. Season 3 seems to have caught up with season 1 with the first very big controversy being Madhumitha’s suicide attempt owing to being “bullied by her fellow contestants” for her comments on how to be a well-dressed woman.

So to avoid such negative content according to media reports this Season’s contestants will be interviewed via video conferencing and  check whether they are mentally fit and are strong enough to take the pressures and stress inside the house. It could also become mandatory for a psychologist to certify the contestants.

In recent times mental health is being discussed a lot. Recently, The Kalavani actress and Bigg Boss 1 fame Oviya took to Twitter and stated, “Do you agree or disagree to ban big boss show?’ and when one of the social media users replied, “Yes it should be banned”, she responded, ‘I wish they should not torture contestants until commit suicide for TRP.” She further added that that they are manipulative and branded her a mentally disturbed person. She also said that the organizers torture the contestants till they reach the verge of suicide for TRP. (Read more by clicking here).

With Season 4 set to roll with new rules in place we are excited to see how different this season is going to be compared to the previous one. Recently, a few pictures of the actor in a brand new look is doing the rounds and we are stunned looking at how handsome he is. The actor is seen in a salt and pepper look with a handlebar mustache and he looks absolutely handsome. (Click here to check it out) 

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