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Best Places to Visit in Ibiza: The Ultimate Guide

Whoa! We’re gonna have a party!


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I will not hesitate to recommend the ‘riotous’ night-life at Ibiza town as one of must do activities when you go there. Amnesia, Ushuaia, DC 10, Pacha and Number 5 are some of the most popular clubs.  It is about letting your hair down and partying like there is no tomorrow. It is a haven for bachelorette parties, perhaps bachelors as well. In ourvisit we saw a lot of to be brides and their brigade in every part of the town having a blast, celebrating the last few days of single hood and really getting very passionate about it. These parties are not just in the clubs but also on boats that take you around the island for a few hours with non-stop music, drinks(with atleast one free drink) and refreshments. One can’t but notice that partying is serious business here. Boat parties have become an important pillar of the Ibiza clubbing scene and no Ibiza holiday is complete without having experienced at least one party out at sea. Over the past few years, the boat party market has risen considerably and each brand presents their own concept, music, genre and route. Dancing to the biggest tunes in the sunshine, looking out to the sea and the gorgeous Ibiza coastline with beautiful people everywhere around you …. Can a party get any better than this?and yes it can! Most brands usually include entry to one or more club nights with each ticket, so make sure you read the detailed information well. The boat ride that we took was for 3 hours and the captain (of the party) welcomed each one with a sip of alcohol straight from the bottle, which is kind of a tradition. It was his main rather only duty to ensure the guests on board were having a great time, be it the music , dancing or just having fun ( especially if you’re getting married soon). Our party skipper gave a whole new meaning to work hard and party harder philosophy and went all the way out to make the bride brigades super happy. Just one rule … shed your inhibitions! Waohhh!!!!

Ofcourse the jaw dropping beaches will be an integral part of one’s visit to Ibiza. On summer days the beaches are aparadise for tourists, you can sleep off the night before under a parasol as relaxing low tempo music from the beachfront DJs waft over the shore.  If you can work up the energy, jet skis and paddle-boats can be hired next to the beach and there are loads of places to pick up food when you’re hungry. Some of the most popular beaches are Play d’enBossa,Talamanca, Las Salinas and Cala Comte making Ibiza a holiday spot for families with kids as well. You can also take the boat to nearby islands like EsVedra and Formentara for an out of this world experience. The turquoise waters and sugar-white sands make you feel as if you’re walking on paradise. All the main beaches have water sportslike jet skiing, parasailing and water skiing. The island also has some of the world’s best spots for snorkeling and scuba diving.  You can also charter a yacht or sail alone if you have the experience, or hire a boat with its captain to take you anywhere you want to go around Ibiza’s craggy coast. You can also take your adventure beneath the waves and it is sublimeas the water clarity is so high and there are all kinds of caves and under water drop off to see.

Ibiza is also known for some breathtakingscenery and it’s a photographer’s dream come true. With the green landscape, shimmering waters, soft sands and so much of happy vibes around, it makes way for some stunning photographs. The sunset scenes especially are fascinating. Places like Sunset Ashram and San Antonio in the West are unbelievable sunset points. My personal favorite Experimental beachis indelible in my memory. The golden ball sinking into the blue horizon across the aquamarine waters was pure poetry.This coupled with my favorite cocktail, while lazing on a deck bed, chatting sweet nothings with best friends made it one of the most relaxing evenings in my life. Speaking of relaxation, Ibiza is also very famous for its holistic spas and relaxation centers. The choice of treatment and activities alone is staggering.  You can work out in the state of art gym, take a yoga class, float on the pool or pamper yourself with anything from peels, facials, manipedis and a variety of messages. It is alsoa hot spot fordestination weddings. Many couples plan their big day here, to capture their precious moments in a postcard setting.

Apart from the party and beach scene, the old town of Ibiza is a splendid place to walk around or to take a bike and explore the whitewashed villages in the rural interior.  D’Alt Vila, the Unesco site is something that you cannot miss. This is the highest and oldest part of Ibiza town guarded by strong renaissance fortifications built in the 16th century.At theverytop if the old city is the cathedral, which sits next to a scenic outlook over the water.The gold ornate work and gothic paintings from the 14th and 15th century are a true visual treat.



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