9 Tips For A Flawless Face!

Beauty Hacks 101!


Some Skin Lovin’

With the plethora of options available at home and at the beauty stores, sometimes we are in a fix as to what is right and what isn’t. Let’s debunk the simple hacks to skin care.

The Daily Dose:

  • Face wash – pick one that helps rid the dirt and pollution plus caters to the need of your skin, oily or dry.
  • Cleanser: A milk-based cleanser will work best for the Indian climate.
  • Toner: Get alcohol-free toners with cucumber or rose extracts. The easier are the ones that come with a spray nozzle.
  • Moisturizer/face cream: A tinted moisturizer is perfect for today’s women who are constantly on the movie.
  • Sunscreen: A right SPF is foremost in a makeup kit and reapplication every 2 hours is important.
  • Eye cream: An under eye cream is a must before you crash for the day.
  • Night cream: A soothing night cream that repairs and revitalizes your skin during sleep with anti ageing benefits would be ideal.
  • Face packs – Pamper you skin with a weekly or a fortnightly face pack.
  • Skin Serum: Swear by a skin serum at nightand witness unbelievableresults. You will wake up with healthier and happier skin every single day.

Every day, Twice a Day:

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