9 Tips For A Flawless Face!

Beauty Hacks 101!



  • Mascara: Everyone should own two kinds of mascaras, one for daily wear and the other one should be water resistant that you would use during special occasions. Remember to choose the mascara wand depending on what effect you want – a spiky brush will give you separate lashes and the one with a twisted head will help curl the lashes.
  • Eye Shadow: Get a range of matte neutral browns since it complements the Indian skin perfectly. For those starry nights, get a palette with glitter to make those eyes sparkle. Also, have one in carbon or matte black to get the smoky eyes right.
  • Kohl (Kajal): A jet-black kohl pencil is mandatory, especially for brown skin tones. You can also pick one in turquoise or blue to spice things up once in a while.
  • Liquid pen liner: Life just got simpler with pen eyeliners. Ditch those dipping wands and buy these easy and efficient pen liners. Make those winged eyes in no time with these easy to glide liquid liners.
  • Brow gel: A quick fix for your much-neglected eyebrows are brow gels. Get a clear gel brow or one that’s tinted.



  • Tinted Moisturizer: Don’t subject your face to heavy layers of foundation, instead pick a tinted moisturiser for everyday use. The coverage that these give is just right for the day and they come with the added benefit of SPF in them.
  • Foundation: For the Indian complexion, pick the foundation with a yellow tint and not pink. If your skin is oily, go for a matte finish or an oil-free foundation and if you have dry skin, pick one that moisturises.
  • Correctors: This will help you hide those dark circles under your eyes. It’s the perfect solution for those under eye dullness.
  • Concealers: Concealers are your best friends when you need radiant looking skin within minutes. They help rid the blemishes in no time!
  • Cream Blushes: For the flush of pink on your cheeks, opt for a cream based blush. You will absolutely prefer the natural look and feel of these over powder-based blushes.
  • Loose powder: This powder will help you retain the makeup for an entire day. They are available in translucent and also tinted varieties.
  • Compact power: Your face is a live canvas, it breathes and sweats, hence, remember to touch up. The correct shade of compact powder will help you achieve that spotless, matte finish look through the course of the day.



  • The Classic Lipstick: Must have shades in your lipstick cache-a deep red, a blush pink, a coral orange, a nude/ brown and a shocking pink. Test that colour on you before investing in any of the brands.
  • Liquid Lipsticks: They are the rage right now. The best part about these is that they are long lasting and very well pigmented hence pick a colour that defines your style.
  • Chubby sticks: Lip nourishment at its very best with the added perks of colour.

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