9 Tips For A Flawless Face!

Beauty Hacks 101!

We all have our list of beauty essentials for party, office, casual coffee with friends, wedding and other occasions. But we often miss out on the basics one needs other than the usual lipsticks and blushes. With inputs from the experts in the field, here is a no-sweat guide to the beauty must haves.

Our skin is constantly battling against pollution, stress and the insane lifestyle choices we make. To top it all, we often end up buying products from the market that we don’t really require, and some of them may not be doing any good to our skin.Throw away those unnecessary buys and invest in products that will give your skin rewarding benefits.



Most of us make the mistake of blindly following the trend that everybody else is following or what’s going viral. Shopping for clothes on a whim is fine but one can’t buy cosmetics on an impulse. A careful assessment of your requirements and your style needs to be done before picking up that ravishing red shade of lipstick you’ve been eyeing for a long time.

A woman of today is smart and always on the move. Here is a simple list of those essentials that you need in your make up bag for a woman who doesn’t have hours on end to put on makeup. Here is the breakdown of what to have in that quick fix bag of yours.

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