8 Quick Fix Beauty Solutions !!

Save time, yo!

When you are in a hurry, makeup is often the first things that either gets delayed or get impacted in some way. In the hopes of doing it fast, you often try to ‘wing’ but then it comes back haunting you with all the kohl and lipstick smudged. Instead of being a hot mess, or even just a mess, here are some items you need to keep in handy.

Just when you are done making your eyeliner even, you sense a sneeze coming in and before you know it, it’s all smudged. Or when you are applying your lipstick and your unsteady hands results in an extra curve on the left side of your lips. Beauty mess-ups are aplenty and more often than not, it happens especially when you take extra care towards not making such goof ups. Instead of starting all over, there are other methods to keep the momentum going. So next time you find your eyebrows thicker than the usual, know that there are quick-fixes for everything and they barely take a few minutes to mend.

– Ear buds

Why them?

They are convenient and easy to handle as opposed to regular bits of cotton. Keep them in your bag, wallets, everywhere!

How to use them?

Every time you make one winged line more thicker than the other, you can always get your ear bud out, dab it in some cleanser and fix it easily. It beats using your fingers to fix it and smudging the line more. It goes well with lipsticks, too. An extra smudge and all you need to do is use the ear bud and even it out before you lose your cool.


– Cleanser

Why them?

You can use a little bit of it just to remove the extras.

How to use them?

Remember the ear buds? Just ensure there’s very little cleanser on the cotton so as to remove only the smudge and not the entire winged line or lipstick curve. Best part is, when you don’t have cleanser, you can always use little coconut oil or even a mild moisturiser.


– Cello tape

Why them?

Sounds weird, yes. But if your hands can’t handle winged liners, then cello tape comes to the rescue and you can get it right without messing up too much.

How to use them?

Okay so this involves a bit more work but it’s totally worth it. Cut a bit of the tape and put it on your eyelids so as to create the outline for your winged line. It works better with liquid liner and if you are worried about the smudge, fret not as it will all fall on the tape. Once you are done drawing the outline, take the tape off and voila! The meticulously done winged liner stays.


– Baby powder

Why them?

When all else fails, there’s always baby powder just to rid your face off that extra oil and sweat.

How to use them?

Okay so this isn’t something that you should resort to all the time. But when you are heading out somewhere and realise that your hair is oiler than usual, take some baby powder and rub onto your scalp. It makes for a very convenient dry shampoo. Of course wash your hair when you are free, but use this only when you know it’s a last minute quick fix. It works well and makes your scalp smell nice too.

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