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7 Times The Bigg Boss Contestants Were Absolutely Narrow-Minded!

It’s a proper reflection of the society!


Oviya’s dress: Dear Snehan, it is not hard to stay true, try it for once. There was a very brief time when you literally hated Oviya for a quarrel she had with you. You were very much part of the gang that led her to the situation last week. You could have had a lot of difference of opinions from what she said but judging her character by her clothes was seriously the worst you have managed to say till date. She can wear what she wants to and no matter what, you CANNOT comment and most of all, judge her character by her clothes. So, if you are looking at someone exposing their skin, wonder why your eyes wander there!


Raiza’s modelling background: Raiza can be anything she wishes to do, at least she has done that by her choice. There was no need for Gayathri to comment on Raiza’s modelling and her “not so famous” background. Gayathri saying “who is she and what is her background? How can she talk to ME that way” goes to show how narrow-minded one could get. Quoting Kamal,”In this House, no one is superior to the other and no one is elder to the other. Everyone’s equal.” Just saying!

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