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7 Times The Bigg Boss Contestants Were Absolutely Narrow-Minded!

It’s a proper reflection of the society!


Singing a song for Suja Varunee: She is a new contestant and the first thing she would look up to in the House is to sense a feeling of acceptance. But, no, our contestants had other ideas. From Gayathri to Vaiyapuri, they decided to pass comments on her character the day she arrived. Was singing ‘Kattipudi kattipudi da’ necessary? No, it is not humorous. You have judged her character already and have very indirectly slut shamed her. With that thought, what one does with their body, their profession is no one’s business as long as they do not cause a threat to the society. Vaiyapuri crying because his joke was taken seriously is lame and over dramatic. You do not have to feel insulted, you just have to accept it and walk away.


Oviya’s “history”: That classic sentence by Gayathri where she tells Aarav, “I know Oviya’s past” and hinting him indirectly to not fall for her is easily the cheapest thing to do. Her “past” is something that belongs to her life. No individual has the Right to judge her character and demean her by merely listening to rumours and never thinking from her perspective. That line was awful, unnecessary and it only goes to show what side of the Society one represents.

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