7 Must-dos this Monsoon!

Get on to the mood!

Rains are a reason to over indulge in small pleasures of life, like eating fried stuff, drinking hot cocoa and cuddling up to your loved one. Here is an addictive list of things you have to take pleasure in this monsoon.

Monsoon to people in the tropics has long been a beacon of hope and happiness. It is a time when everything that once seemed dull and dreary looks fresh and joyous. The smell of rain, the deep-grey skies, the sight of rain powering down on a bed of ocean and the feel of fierce wind sweeping you off your feet, are all experiences worth revelling in. There are also things you can do at home to make the monsoons extra special. During the rainy season, it is hard not to go back to sleep when your alarm goes off but watching raindrops falling on your windows with a hot cup of coffee is something to get you started off on your monsoon revelling mission.

Hot Cup of Love          

Rain or not, a cup of hot cocoa boosts up your feel-good meter to another level. So why do rains and hot chocolate have such an unfathomable connection? Perhaps the wetness in the air calls for something warm and soothing and chocolate is known to cure the saddest of hearts. Before you tuck in for the day, be sure to pour yourself a hot cup of cocoa this monsoon for that instant happiness quotient (Ps: You will also sleep like a baby).


Become a Bookworm

Is your collection of newly bought books piling up? Everybody is so busy in life today that reading has become a chore. This monsoon is your chance to redeem yourselves. Find a cosy corner and get cracking on the pile of books you’ve been wanting to finish. Fantasy or romance would be a good genre, to begin with.

Rainy-day Romcoms

Rain, romcoms and a big bowl of popcorn – there’s your million dollar feeling, right there. Heavy rains can bring you down and prevent you from doing outdoorsy things. Capitalize on the opportunity; watch all those romcoms that turn your hearts warm and gooey, perfect for the rain! Start with Notting Hill or You’ve Got Mail.

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