7 Must-dos this Monsoon!

Get on to the mood!


Food for the Rain

Something about the rains makes you want to dig into hearty, comforting food. While chai and pakodas is a classic combination, there are also healthier albeit tastier alternatives; a one pot meat dish or a big bowl of roasted tomato soup is perfect for a cold, rainy night. Whatever it may be, it’s time to stock up your pantry for the monsoons and indulge in some rainy day cooking!

Host a Game Night

One of the joys of monsoons is to be able to have fun at home as much as you would outside. If you are not able to do the routine Saturday night partying, bring the party home! Get some board games out and make a game night out of it. Pizza, beers and monopoly – if your guests don’t appreciate the combination, they are not worth being your guests at all.


Steer the Wheel

You’ve done everything possible to make yourself feel better at home and it has gotten to a point where you need to get out. A short drive through the rains might help. Just watching the raindrops falling on your windshield is a pleasure but don’t get carried away; driving down during heavy rains might be dangerous. Also, make a playlist of rainy day tracks for the drive.

Go out, Get Wet!

Pick a day, perhaps a day when you are off; head to your terrace and allow the rains to shower upon you. It’s an experience worth enjoying at least once in your lifetime. Don’t forget to dry yourself up nice when you get back!


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