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7 Hotels Around The World That Will Just Blow Your Mind!

Such gorgeous places!

When you work hard for months and look forward to that perfect vacation, you want to make sure it’s memorable. Your hotel is your home away from home and you must not compromise on the comfort and luxury.

What’s the big deal about the architecture of a hotel? Well when years pass by, you would speak tales of your unusual ice bed or your zoo inspired bedrooms. It’s always a pleasure to spoil yourself with uniqueness and out of the box ambience. We pick out 7 unusual hotels which are sure to give you a distinctive experience.


The ICEHOTEL, Sweden

Let’s just say it’s chilling to even write about this one. Sweden’s ICEHOTEL, built in 1990, is the world’s first ever hotel made out of snow and ice. The architects build it each year and are open from December to April. Applauded as masters of creativity, they make chairs and beds out of snow and ice blocks taken from the Torne River. The hotel invites artists each year to design bedrooms and other spaces with ice. The glasses, plates and just everything around here is icy. Married couples can make their wedding memorable as the hotel has an Ice Chapel, which hosts many weddings each year. The hotel is intact for four months with a temperature of below -5.


The Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho USA

If you’re wondering should there be hotels which speak volumes of our love for our pets, then Idaho’s Dog Bark Park Inn is just right. Built in the shape of a cute Beagle, the hotel’s architecture is counted as one of the most unusual designs in the world. It’s a local favourite and is nicknamed Sweet Willy. It’s a two storied structure with bedrooms decorated with dog inspired furnishings and carvings. The hotel was built in 1995 by chainsaw carving specialist couple Dennis and Frances.

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