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7 Hotels Around The World That Will Just Blow Your Mind!

Such gorgeous places!


Hang Nga Guesthouse, Vietnam

Hang Nga Guesthouse is popularly known as the “Crazy House”. Inspired by nature and eccentricity, the architecture is anything but usual. Non-professional craftsmen were hired to build the structure. Though the design might seem crooked and complex to some, the uniqueness is commendable. Twisted plants, creepers and tree branches appear on the exteriors of the guesthouse. Built in 1990, the structure resembles a Banyan tree which is 5 storeys high. The windows are shaped unevenly and the building has been also called ‘The Fairy Tale’ house. Every bedroom is themed on animals; tiger, eagle, kangaroo and ant rooms too. Though it may seem bizarre to some, the guesthouse has been very popular among tourists.


Bubble Tree, France

Living life in a bubble is no theory anymore! French architects have quite literally brought the phrase to life. The Bubble Tree hotel in Marseille is one of the most unusual architectural designs the world has witnessed. Simple yet intriguing, the hotel’s rooms are made of clear and transparent bubbles. Bedrooms are made inside huge plastic globes. The motive behind the Bubble rooms was to live among the natures green wonders in the day and starry skies during the nights. Guests seeking privacy during the night have options of having the bubble covered. Each room is inclusive of telescopes for the benefit of stargazers. Built in 2010, the adventurers are flocking the hotel in huge numbers.


Capsule Hotel, Netherlands

From Bubbles to Capsules, architects have gone to extreme limits in the architectural world. Capsule Hotel n Hague, Netherlands, is remade into rooms which were oil-rig survivor pods. It may not be a very glamourous design but unusual, yes it is!Constructed out of abandoned survival capsules, the rooms are cosy with mini bars, mini libraries and a mini bed. Whenever you want to escape from reality, this decade old hotel will be just the right get away.


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