6 Ways to Revamp your Home for 2020!

Latest trends inside!

6. Add statement tiles

When you are renovating on a budget, you should settle for new floor tiles with bold, geometric patterns. Bold and brightly coloured tiles can play tricks on your eyes if you stare at it long enough. A simple strip to an entire floor, geometric tiles will upscale any room design by adding a touch of elegance. These are fashionable and can become the focal point of the room.

Trends to watch out for this year

  • Patterns – Floral Chintz is touted to be this year’s buzz! Choose from pastel colours and avoid pop colours. Some trellis patterns for those who love a bit of modernism.
  • Tones – Jewelled! Emerald greens, ruby reds, and blue sapphires are the tones of this year. Add a little drama to your home with these bold colours, not too much though as they tend to drown the home.
  • Colour – Greys! It’s more than 50 shades of grey this year, as the decor grey just got a bit more sombre. Pair with jewel tones and there you have it – a perfect home.
  • Themes – This year centres on a balance between boho and modern. Sync boho backdrops with modern elements or furniture, and you have a well-made combo.
  • Metal – Copper. Although mixed metal accents are making a comeback, copper accents are the main element of 2019. Add in gold or rose gold for some context.
  • Furniture – Light woods! Go for mango wood and lacquered furniture when getting stuff for the apartment. An overtly polished piece can add a little sheen to the room.

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