6 Ways to Revamp your Home for 2020!

Latest trends inside!

3. Tile stickers

Those tiles that you see in your kitchen must have been there from the time the place was built. It is time to give those boring tiles a make-over with tile stickers. This is the quick and instant way to update your kitchen. There are several designs out there and the best part is, you can peel them off when you want to fancy a new look each time you want to redecorate your kitchen.

4. Bring in some plants

Nothing like plants can save the day. The concept of living plant walls are the newest trend and adding this to your kitchen is a great way to start afresh. You can create your own living wall with a few potted herbs. This can either be displayed on a wall rack or let to hang from a wall on hooks. They will also give the room some freshness. They can come handy in cooking too.

5. Replace worktops

It is not possible to replace the entire worktop as it would get expensive. So the idea is to opt for affordable lamination. They work wonders in terms of aesthetics and design. Pick a worktop with a modern colour and your kitchen will be the star of the show.

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