6 Ways To Make Your Home Colourful!

Gorgeous walls for gorgeous homes!

While 2019 brought in pastels, olives, and shades of gray not just in décor but in all other realms, it’s time to get a lot more diverse.


Green in all its glory

From lime green to emerald, different shades of green will be seen in abundance.Dark shades of green will become the new must-have colour in your home. If you’re not too keen on the idea of using green in large doses, use as an accent. Add an armchair or cushions or even adding emerald green glasses to your regular white plates will have a glamorous effect on your décor.  Teaming dark green with tan leathers, natural linen, terra cotta etc will make any room warm and inviting.



Bring beige back

Once an essential colour in homes beige has lost its footing in the recent years with the rising popularity of grey. But designers are starting to rethink beige-based neutrals, as it will be an accent to all the other colours that are going to trend.And beige itself will be a winning, standalone colour.

Here’s how you could make your home as colourful as this post. VISIT:

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