6 Ways To Make Your Home Colourful!

Gorgeous walls for gorgeous homes!


Romancing reds

Neutral and pastel colours were the highlight last year and bedrooms were no exceptions – for they too were subjected to the pastel/ minimalistic look. But designers predict that bedrooms are going to see a lot of colours, especially those that are considered romantic. To achieve this mood, colours like raspberry pink, deep ruby red, caramel and even black will be trending in always.


Prints and patterns

Tropical prints ruled the runway and now they are all set to appear in wallpaper and upholstery too.  If wallpapers are too much of a print for you, add in throw pillows in trendy patterns. Plain sofas or beds teamed with printed pillows will make for a fine balance of simplicity and glamour.

Other than tropical prints, geometric and graphic patterns are gaining momentum. Adding patterns to your décor is the most ideal and economical way to give your home a personalised feel. Often patterns represent ancient cultures; whether it is Indian, African or Asian patterns, adding them will provide a homely and rustic appeal to your spaces.

But sometimes walls may not be the only platform to display your design ambitions due to varied reasons, diminishing the opportunity to experiment with patterns. Hence a lot of designers are resorting to graphic floor designs, with elaborate patterns – which create a visual impact and don’t clutter the space visually.

Textures are just as important in décor as colours and patterns are. The idea of mixing fabrics and materials will be on the rise, adding a rich woven texture into space makes a space more inviting.It is not just in upholstery but the texture in every form, from brushed brass tables to light fixtures to fabrics and wallpapers- textures are going to be another highlight in decor this year.

Here’s how you could make your home as colourful as this post. VISIT:

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