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5 Spooky Places in Chennai That We Dare You To Visit!

These places will give you the chills!

Every city is unique and has the pages of history boxed in the memories of the older generation. Those grandma stories at bedtime about the witch and those Saturday night horror films with friends are exciting enough to know what’s dark around us. Do we really know if the places that are haunted are truly housed with the ghosts from the history? The true Chennaiites know that the city is a lot more than just that. Not everybody knows of the city’s sinister areas, the places parents warn their children not to go to. So here we present to you, the top five haunted places in the city.



demonte-colony jfw magazine


This place is on top of our list mainly because it is currently one of the most talked about places in the city. After the movie with the same name released, daring youngsters from all over the city have been attempting to break into the famed haunted house in the deserted Demonte Colony, only to be chased away by policemen, who have now close off the area to public owing to trespassing and destroying the peace in the neighborhood. Nevertheless, the roads in the colony themselves are eerie in the night and are bound to give you the chills.



Besant Road jfw magazine


Anyone who lives in and around the Besant Nagar area would surely talk about this road at least once. This road has been claimed to be haunted by a couple of lovers who committed suicide by hanging from a tree bark that overlooks the road. Regardless of whether the claims are true or not, the road certainly does have a spooky character to it. When you ride your two-wheeler through that road, you would easily be able to sense the perceptible change in temperature. The road has very low lighting and sharp turns, flanked by a tall compound on one side and trees on the other. It is certainly not a place you’d want to be alone at.


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