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5 Adventure Honeymoon Destinations For The Newly Weds!

Which one would you choose?

From bungee jumping to tiger sighting, adventure honeymoon destinations seem to be the craze for the daring bride. Show your lighter side to a loved one; as you go hand in hand on a thrilling and joyful ride!

A honeymoon is a once in a lifetime affair that helps the newlyweds bond and sets the tone for the rest of their lives together. Though romantic milieus still top the honeymoon charts, most couples now are opting for adventurous venues as the thrills and chills brings them closer. The term ‘adventure’ has seen a metamorphosis in recent times. It does not solely indicate trekking across rugged mountains or sweating it out in hostile terrains; the definition has widened to include desert safaris, sea voyages, rain forest exploration and the likes under its canopy. Roughing it out in luxury has become a paradoxical part of being daring. It is little wonder then that adventure destinations are the latest ‘it’ thing among honeymooners, especially the bride as it gives her the perfect opportunity to play either the damsel in distress or a wonder woman to the rescue as the couple goes traipsing across jungles, mountains and islands.


The lover’s leap

What: Bungee jumping

Where: UK

bungee jumping JFW


The UK bungee jump club was established in 1992 and has made lovers happy ever since. Gift yourself an experience with jump sites you can choose from such as London, Manchester, Brighton and Sheffield with the most renowned one being Bray at Berkshire. Take the plunge once again with your sweetheart, this time literally, as you countdown and jump down a seeming abyss, the sheer thrill of it making your hearts race as one. Dangling from a cord 165ft below the platform, mentally renew your vows to be with each other through thick and thin. When you get back up, you get 2 bottles of champagne to celebrate your victory over the forces of Nature.

How to get there: The UK’s highest bungee jump takes place in two locations Bray Lake, not far from the Royal Town of Windsor and at Tatton Park near Knutsford, Cheshire on the outskirts of Manchester.

Best time to visit: UK’s highest bungee jump event is scheduled on 13th and 14th October

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