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5 Adventure Honeymoon Destinations For The Newly Weds!

Which one would you choose?

Honey, I see a tiger!

What: Forest exploration

Where: Belize

Belize-Cave-Tubing JFW


If you are nature lovers, you cannot ask for more adventure than what jungle resorts offer you. The Kanantik reef and jungle resort of Central America promises a tryst with the wild with palapa topped cabanas and a stunning vista of natural beauty. A private beach at your disposal with 300 acres of forest quenches your eagerness for exploring the unknown. Choose from different adventures and plan your day; amidst the wild jungle animals, snorkelling with baby turtles or just lying in the hammock by the sea. This Mexican place is picture perfect with its vibrant colours and jungle noises that sensual adventurers are sure to appreciate.

How to get there: Cruise liners get to Belize from Guatemala or Mexico. Flight services are available from United States and El Salvador too.

Best time to visit: December to April


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