5 Actresses Who Turned Heads With Their Sarees This Week!

Saree not sorry!

For those on social media #SareeTwitter and #SareeInstagram is a real thing, where fashion enthusiasts keep posting updates about their sarees and the story/designers behind them. This all began with stars who took their sarees too seriously and fans who were just dying to know more. And while we are all of sarees, this week, 5 of these starlets really impressed us with the different style of sarees they wore!


Nayanthara always keeps it classy and this recent awards show was no exception. Dressed in sober colours, the saree had a sheen to it but nothing too glossy, giving it an old world charm. The no-frills golden border, too, was the perfect match that went well with the gorgeous ensemble of jewellery she had on. And let’s not forget the dark kohl-lined eyes and no-fuss hairdo. She looked stunning!!

Sonam Kapoor

Trust Sonam Kapoor to really pull of floral prints and a shirt for a blouse. Not only does she look cute, her saree is giving us major fashion goals because of how easy she makes that look work! Her jewellery, too, is well-picked and her shoes go with the attire. One can totally imagine giving this look a try for an upcoming party!

Kangana Ranaut

For World Environment Day, Kangana Ranaut really took the theme seriously and wore this classy crisp green saree with roses on it. Not only does it work well sans the jewellery, the saree also looks refreshing and perfect for summer, teaming that thin sleeveless blouse for comfort!

Khusbhoo Sundar

Actress Khusboo Sundar is touring in Europe  and taking the saree global! She recently posted photos of herself and her husband, Sundar, at the Eiffel Tower and she’s wearing a stunning golden coloured saree, bringing in much needed colour to the city!

Madhuri Dixit Nene

Not only does Madhuri Dixit Nene defy age, she also defies anything conventional with saree and we love it! Her bejeweled saree is bold and fierce, considering how the lacy works on the black saree stands out despite the crystals around it. She looks really comfortable, giving us almost Breakfast At Tiffany‘s feels.

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