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4 Ways To Make Your Home Diet Friendly!

Good tips to use!

For all you know, you could be living in a place which is your diet’s worst enemy: your home. Shocking as it may seem, your own abode could be pulling you away from your dietary resolutions as it is often times ‘booby trapped’ with goodie filled corners and confectionery stocked freezers which make you give in to your sweet tooth and your food cravings much against your wishes. Make your home a diet friendly zone.



Do you know that playing fast paced music during mealtime can add those extra pounds around your waistline? Some independent researchers point out that you tend to eat a lot more and faster when you listen to music that is above 125 beats per minute during your repast. Loud music also makes you chew more quickly which is an unhealthy habit. Mild music makes you eat slow, thus giving your brain time to register if your tummy is full or not. It also encourages you to spend a longer time at the table. So, slow music or no music at all is the best! If you think the music matters a lot, you would be surprised to know that even lighting could affect your diet. Always eat your meals in bright light. Research shows that people who eat in dim lighting are less self-aware and tend to loosen their inhibitions. This is the cause of overeating.

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