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8 Physical Signs of Anxiety

Listen to your body!

The pandemic has made most of us realize the importance of Mental Health. While the existence of depression has been found to be more prevalent, people also suffer either minorly or majorly from other mental health challenges. Did you know that an estimated 275 million people  suffer from anxiety disorders worldwide? Anxiety is a normal emotion, a way the brain alerts you of potential dangers ahead. But, anxiety disorders are not normal, and often require treatment. It is indeed difficult to identify whether you actually suffer from an anxiety disorder, or if your anxiety levels are normal. So, here are 8 physical signs of anxiety to identify the same.

  • Feeling like you may throw up:

It is common to feel like you want to throw up or vomit when you feel extremely anxious. Even drinking water can cause nausea at the time. The sensation to throw up will only stop when you calm yourself and take deeper breathes.

Nausea Due to Anxiety: Reasons, Causes and How To Get Rid of It

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