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4 New Release Best Reads For Some Metime!

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Imaginary Friend by Stephen Chbosky

Twenty years after his smash hit novel, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” Stephen Chbosky released his new book “Imaginary Friend”. Taking on a completely different genre, “Imaginary Friend” narrates the tale of 7-year-old protagonist, Christopher, who goes missing into the woods for six days only to be found later, having made friends with the “nice man” who disguises himself as a plastic bag. Life is not the same for Christopher or his mother after that. His mother wins the lottery; Christopher’s learning difficulties disappear but he is also secretly running into the woods every night to complete a confidential mission that the “nice man” is asking him to do to stay alive. Is there something evil that is pulling the strings or has bullying, fear, abuse and family history turned Christopher insane? Only these pages can tell.


Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano

A horrific plane crash that kills 183 passengers spares the life of only one. A 12-year-old boy named Edward who now must have to learn to live alone in a world that has spared him. After losing everything, a young boy discovers there are still reasons for hope in this luminous, life-affirming novel that teaches one how to find joy in the face of tragedy.


The Lion of Kashmir by Siddhartha Gigoo

Abdul Aziz, Commandant of Special Forces, Kashmir, suddenly disappears. Zooni, his daughter and a human rights activist, has to go home to find her father. One night, while stranded in a safe house, Zooni comes across secrets that will change her life and those of her father and half-brother. Zooni will be a witness to her father’s quandary and his choices. It’s a story, not just about a family, but of Kashmir itself.


If I Never Met You by Mhairi Mcfarlane    

A story of a woman who is not able to find love in the new age after being left by the partner she has been with for a decade and a man who is looking for nothing more than a trophy girlfriend. Laurie and Jamie are now the talk of the office while they flaunt around their pretentious relationship. But when suddenly things start feeling real, how long can one fake being in love before they actually yield?


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