3 Reasons Why Neon Is The Best!

Neon for the brighter you!

Looking to take your love of neon to the next level? Bring these scintillating colours out of your walk-in closets and into your living room. From Manish Arora to MAC Cosmetics, lately neons can be spotted everywhere from haute couture to the hot pavements. After enjoying a hugely popular run in the 80’s, these happy hues were nowhere to be seen in the 90’s. But fashion as most people realise follows an uncanny cycle and avante garde designers have given these fluorescent colours new life these last few seasons.


Why Neon?

The 80’s are believed to have been a relatively happy and carefree decade, and this is largely because of the striking colours associated with almost every facet of that time. From movies to music stars, electric colours were everywhere! Colour therapy, also called chromotherapy, is a valid method in alternative medicine. Simply put, bright colours in your home will help induce good health. And if we need another reason – it is very trendy and can be very chic.

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