3 Onam Dishes You Must Try Today!

Onam platter.

This Onam platter  promises to be as lush and delectable as the virgin beauty of the landscapes of God’s Own Country

Come Onam, the main harvest festival of Kerala, and Malayalis all over the world immerse themselves in celebrations by indulging in music, dance, sports, boat races and above all good food with the Onam Sadhya (feast).

Kaithachakka Pulissery (Serves 4)

Pineapple in yoghurt, enhanced with fresh coconut and turmeric


Pineapple (Ripe)              :               100 gm

Turmeric powder             :               5 gm

Grated coconut (Fresh) :               50 gm

Dry red chilli                       :               2

Green chilli                         :               2

Coconut oil                         :               10 ml

Yoghurt (Fresh)                                :               200 ml

Mustard seeds                  :               10 gm

Curry Leaves                      :               2 sprigs

Salt (to taste)


Peel, wash and cut pineapple into medium sized cubes. Cover and keep aside. Pound half of the mustard seeds with a mortar and pestle and keep aside. Boil pineapple with turmeric and salt with 50 ml of water. Grind coconut and green chilli to a fine paste.

In an uruli or a thick bottomed pan, heat oil and add the remaining mustard seeds. When they crackle, add the red chilli and curry leaves. Add the coconut paste to this and sauté for 2 minutes, without changing the colour. Add the pineapple to this paste. Add a little water. Mix the crushed mustard with yoghurt and add this to the above. Reduce the fire to a simmer and do not allow the pulissery to boil. Remove from fire.

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