3 Onam Dishes You Must Try Today!

Onam platter.

Meen Kudambuli Tengapal curry (Serves 4)

Traditional Kerala fish curry scented with gambooge and laced with coconut cream


King fish (seer fish)         :               8 pieces of 100 gm each
Shallots                (sliced)                                :               12
Ginger (chopped)            :               5 gm

Tomato                                                :               1 (cut length-wise)
Garlic (chopped)              :               5 gm
Coconut milk                      :               50 ml
Kudambuli (Gambooge)               :               4 pieces (Gambooge is different from cocum)
Greenm Chilli (slit)           :             8
Curry leaves                       :               2 sprigs
Turmeric powder             :               5 gm

Coriander powder           :               5 gm
Kashmiri chilli powder    :               10 gm
Coconut oil                         :               20 ml
Fenugreek powder         :               3 gm
Salt (to taste)


Soak Kudambuli with 300 ml of warm water. Keep aside. Wash and pat dry the fish pieces. Marinate the fish with 10 gm salt, 2 gm turmeric powder and 3 gm chilli powder. Keep chilled.

In a chatti or earthenware pot, heat coconut oil. Add the ginger and garlic and sauté till lightly browned. Add curry leaves and green chilli and then the shallots. Brown the shallots lightly. Add all the powders. Stir well.

Add the kudambuli with water and then salt. When the liquid starts to boil, add the marinated fish pieces and stir gently. Boil till the curry becomes little thick. Add tomato and cook. Add the coconut milk and keep the fire on low. Stir. Add the curry leaves and coconut oil.

Serve hot with Kappa Puzhungiyath (steamed Cassava/ Tapioca) or rice (Preferably Kerala red rice)


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