3 Onam Dishes You Must Try Today!

Onam platter.

Chena Kaaya Mathanga Erissery (Serves 4)

Mélange of yam, raw plantain, pumpkin and beans with traditional spices


Elephant yam (sliced)     :               100 gm
Turmeric powder             :               3 gm
Cumin seeds                      :               3 gm
Green chillies                     :               3
Pumpkin (sliced)              :               100 gm
Raw banana (sliced)        :               100 gm
Red oriental beans          :               50 gm (Cooked)

Garlic                                     :               2 cloves.
Black pepper (crushed) :               5 gm
Curry leaves                       :               3 sprigs
Coconut (grated)             :               150 gm
Coconut oil                         :               10 ml

Mustard seeds                  :               5 gm
Red chilli                              :               2
Salt (to taste)



Cook yam, banana and pumpkin separately, along with little turmeric powder and salt, till done.

Combine all the boiled vegetables in an uruli along with boiled beans. Keep on slow flame. Grind coconut, remaining turmeric powder, cumin seeds, garlic, green chilli and pepper to a coarse paste. Add this to the vegetables. Pour little water. Stir and cover with a banana leaf and then a lid.
Take a pan and heat coconut oil. Crackle mustard and add red chilli, curry leaves and grated coconut. Brown the coconut and add this to the vegetables. Cover again with banana leaf after mixing once. Cook for another 4 minutes. Season and serve hot.

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