3 Onam Dishes You Must Try Today!

Onam platter.

Kerala Kozhi Roast (Serves 4)

Chicken enveloped in rich spiced gravy.


Chicken whole                                  :               800 gm


For the marinade

Kashmiri red chilli powder            :               10 gm

Turmeric powder                             :               5 gm

Lime juice                                            :               20 ml



For the curry

Ginger garlic paste                           :               40 gm

Tomato (cut into quarters)          :               5 medium sized

Onions (finely sliced)                      :               6 medium sized

Garam masala powder                  :               5 gm

Mace powder                                    :               1 gm

Kashmiri Chilli powder                   :               10 gm

Fennel powder                                 :               3 gm

Coriander powder                           :               20 gm

Curry leaves                                       :               3 sprigs

Coconut oil                                     :              10 ml

Coconut Milk                                     :               150 ml

Salt (to taste)



Skin the chicken. Cut into medium sized pieces. Wash and clean. Pat dry with a clean kitchen duster. Keep aside.

Make the marinade with all the ingredients given. Apply this to the chicken rubbing the marinade in nicely. Cover and keep chilled.

Roast the chicken pieces in a greased roasting tray, in a pre heated oven (180–C) for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, heat coconut oil in an uruli. Add the sliced onion and sauté till nicely browned. Add the ginger garlic paste. Add the spices except mace powder. Sauté till the masala gives a nice aroma. Add the tomatoes and cook further. Reduce fire to a simmer and add the curry leaves. Roasted chicken is added to this rich gravy and cooked for a further five minutes. Add the coconut milk and mace powder. Cook chicken covered with a tight fitting lid for another 5 minutes.

Check seasoning. Serve hot with Kerala poratta/roti/chappati/ Kerala red rice or steamed basmati rice

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