WATCH: Cooking With Our Favourite Deepa Venkat!

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JFW now has its own food channel and it is time to rejoice! As a stepping stone, our team has put together some of the most brilliant yet simple vegetarian dishes put together specially for you. Renowned dubbing artist and actor Deepa Venkat has come forward some of the most lip-smacking delicacies for you to try out at your home.

So what do we usually do with our Moor Kuzhambu? We either add white Pumpkin or Ladies Finger. But our celebrity has the yummiest twist to it. Going back to childhood through her mother’s and her grandmother’s recipe, Deepa has today made for us a terrific Paruppu Urundai Moor Kuzhambu. “Paruppu Urundai is usually added to a Sambar that has tamarind as its base. But the Moor Kuzhambu version is my house favourite and I am going to show it to you today,” states Deepa in her brand new YouTube show on Spice titled En Veetu Samayal. Check it out:


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