Top 5 Chennai Fashion Bloggers You Must Follow!

Aren’t they super cool? :)

Everyday looks or occasional looks, traditional or trendy, classic or fusion – what to choose? Confused yet? Here are our top five fashion bloggers from Chennai who would definitely help you look gorgeous:


priyadarshini blog -


1.HighOnStyl by Priyadarshini Vijay – Priyadarshini talks about fashion and beyond in her personal blog HighOnStyl. From fusion to fabulous hair, she helps people understand how it feels to look fabulous top to toe. From recommending colour combinations to hair products she does it all fair and right. Our favorite is The Blush Box series.


sindhu blog


2. Its not just fashion by Sindhu Gupta – Sindhu is a combination of great casual fashion, amazing yet quirky style of writing, great food stories, travelling and of course, looks absolutely adorable. She makes her bloggers feel comfortable and updated. She even talks about her take on various social issues.  Our favorite is Shine On series.

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