Japan: Land Of The Rising Sun!

Japan is so beautiful!

Surrounded by the blue waters; of the Pacific Ocean, this island nation is a land of beautiful colours, lush green landscapes, and blissful sea breeze! Known as the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’, Japan boasts of rich culture and traditions which date back to many centuries.

Japan’s existence goes back to the third century when it was mentioned in Chinese historical texts. The country is known for its gentle, obedient and passionate population. Millions of tourists flank this beautiful island nation which makes this destination a must visit for every wanderlust!

Best time to visit: Spring and Autumn

Kobe ‘Kraving’!

Port of Kobe Tower in Kobe, Japan.


  • If you love red meat and are running on a budget, then Kobe should top your list. Three-lined boulevards, quiet neighbourhoods and rustic ambience make Kobe a must visit.
  • Kobe is a mesmerising mix of centuries-old traditions and modern architecture. Ancient and rustic buildings add the dash of paradise to this gorgeous city.
  • The locals enjoy Jazz music which is making a huge comeback in the music scene. Visit local pubs and enjoy live jazz bands and sip on some rice beer!
  • If visiting Kobe, do not forget to check out Japanese onsen (a hot spring) on the hilltop of the island Awaji.
  • Bavarian art is in abundance at Kitano-Cho, a European neighbourhood. The mix of Japanese and German culture takes you to the world of perfect fusion.
  • Kobe restaurants are known for their yummy and unique beef recipes. Try it if you love red meat!

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