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Plan the best possible Singapore Vacation!

Planning a vacation to Singapore? We got you covered!

A hop, skip, and a jump away, Singapore is a small island city-state that is known for its eclectic Asian street style and considered a global business hub. Home to a large number of expats and travellers, Singapore packs a cultural package for visitors. See what makes Singapore, ‘Uniquely Singapore.’



Jurong Bird Park

Jurong-Bird-Park JFW Magazine
Most countries are famous for their architecture or even their zoos, but Singapore stands out as they house a beautiful sanctuary for almost 5000 birds from all corners of the world. What makes this park special is the interactivity between the birds and tourists. With thrilling bird shows; Kings of the sky, Lunch with Parrots and bird feedings, visitors get a lively experience that’s well worth the money. They house a kaleidoscope of birds ranging from owls, flamingoes, ducks, pelicans, storks and the list goes on. Every nook and cranny of the park is located on the map given at the entrance, allowing visitors to navigate through the park effortlessly.


Singapore Zoo

zoo JFW Magazine
Also known as the World’s best Rainforest Zoo, Singapore Zoo is unlike any other zoo you’ve ever seen because it lets animals roam freely in open and has built naturalistic habitats. You won’t find any lonely or gloomy animals confined in a tiny space. Nine-time winner of the Best Leisure Attraction Experience award by Singapore Tourism Board, Singapore zoo is a 26-hectare wildlife park that is home to more than 2,800 animals and 300 species of animals, reptiles, and birds. They focus on and promote conservation and preservation of biodiversity through educational displays and shows that allow visitors to learn more about animals and steps they can take towards helping the environment. Hourly tram rides take visitors through the many areas of the park. Animal feedings are available for a variety of animals such as Giraffes, Elephants, Otters, and much more. To make things easier for visitors, they have created their own official Singapore Zoo app. The features allow you to buy tickets, plan your itinerary, and get around with an interactive map.


Sentosa Island

sentosa JFW Magazine


This popular island resort is known as a weekend getaway for Singaporeans. With a long stretch of unsheltered beach, Fort Siloso, two golf courses, 14 hotels, resorts, and Universal Studios this island is the perfect escape from city life. Enjoy a stroll down the Sentosa Boardwalk, or dine in one of the many themed restaurants around the island. Soak in the sun in the many beaches of Sentosa: Palawan, Siloso, and Tanjong beach. Give your adventurous side a little run by having a go at zip line and water sports! For nature lovers, there are opportunities where you can embark on a quaint nature walk throughout the island, visit Mount Imbiah, or take a trip to the Sentosa


Singapore Flyer

wheel JFW Magazine

The Singapore Flyer can be considered the London Eye of the East. It’s regarded as the world’s largest observation wheel, and is one of Asia’s biggest tourist attractions. Launched in 2008, this spectacle is more than just a breathtaking view it captures the skyline of Marina Bay, with a little sneak peek of Mayalasia and Indonesia. Not only does the Flyer allow one to experience a breathtaking panoramic view, they also offer the world’s first full ‘Butler Sky Dining’ experience.


Gardens by the Bay

garden bay JFW Magazine
This attraction brings the ‘city’ to the garden. This area is more than just a garden and includes many attractions such as the Cloud Forest, this mini-mountain zone allows you to experience the wilderness while you’re still in the city; learn about the diverse vegetation and flora that encapsulate the essence of the mountains. Or indulge in a walk through the Sun Pavilion, you’ll be transported to the dry-lands and deserts, be transported to some of the world’s most dynamic dry-lands and deserts, it’s nothing but extraordinary.

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