Wondering what to wear? Find out the latest Fashion Trends of 2022!!

2022 Fashion Trends Forecast

With the pandemic taking its third Avatar, this year’s Fashion has many recalls to old trends with certain modern twists. With new restrictions and night curfews, this year’s fashion only makes sense to re-look into our wardrobe and switch to online shopping once again!

Here are a few trends that may shine brighter this year!




Minimalist Fashion

Minimalist Fashion is the trend of toning down your color palettes all the way to nudes, using simpler silhouettes, streamlined prints, wearing subtle designs, etc. A few Minimalist Fashion Dresses that have found it’s way to the list of 2022 are Casual Shirtdresses, High Street Dresses, Jumpsuits, and Cardigans. This trend is highly recommended for the ones who prefer sustainable clothing.





Fashion right now is all about revisiting the Y2K trends. Y2K as the name suggests is a trend of fashion that follows styles from the early ’90s to the early-mid 2000s. This clothing style is all about making a statement, going louder, and incorporating the latest pop culture into it. Shiny outfits, Baby Tees, Wide Leg Denim, Baguettes, Bandanas, Ribbed Cardigans, Mini Skirts are a few of the pieces that can be effortlessly eye-catchy. Y2K is for those who want to channelize their inner Poos, (Legally) Blondes, and Mean Girls – just for the fashion.




Insta Aesthetic

In today’s digital world, Tik-Tok, Insta, Snapchats are the new love for every GenZ & Millenial. Dressing to impress and be impressed is the motto of this trend. As the name suggests this is a trend that makes your social media aesthetically beautiful. This style has a combo of nudes and neons. High-waist Jeans, Crop Tops, Slit Slip Dresses, Maxis, and Minis are a few dresses to help your Insta look influencer much!



Outdoor-Indoor wear

Few of us prefer a full-on glam dress while few of us prefer a formal shirt. It differs. But one category of attire we all love and adore is comfortable clothing. Not just that, this pandemic has got us all creative and trendy by making comfort clothing the new fashion statement. The new want of many Fashionistas right now is a clothing piece that can be worn both for the outdoors and indoors. Comfort over glamor is the new pandemic trend. Pajamas, Tracks, Co-ord sets are the top go-to comfort dresses.



Get that customized!

Anything personalized is always special for the couple on their big days. The current trend of customizing and personalizing clothes just for functions, weddings to carving your names, loved one’s names, dates, or even life stories is the ask of every bride and groom. This trend seems to be continuing this year as well with a modern twist that is intricating these details in normal casual wear as well.


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