Women can defend a country: Nirmala Seetharaman!

India sends out a message to the entire world.

Though our country has many prejudices to fight, we sure have come a long way from where we were once. Everyday events in the country prove that to us. One such remarkable event held yesterday. Something that will surely hold a great place in our history embarked its journey. India got its first, full-fledged woman Defense Minister. A post that was previously held by late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi twice (December 1 to December 21 in 1975, and January 14, 1980, to January 15, 1982.) finally gets its first full-fledged woman minister.

BJP’s former Commerce and Industry portfolio holder Nirmala Sitharaman on Sunday took oath as India’s Defense Minister.  Her first duty she said is to look into the matter for giving combat role to women with an open mind and not as a matter of patronage.

“I think during his brief term, (Arun) Jaitley ji has taken a lot of calls in a lot of matters… I also want to see the files (on women in combat roles) where they stand… Earlier when I was a member of National Commission for Women, these matters for woman empowerment and true empowerment of women were discussed,” she said in an interview to CNN News 18 news channel.

Asked if her selection as Defence Minister broke a glass ceiling, she said: “Yes. Absolutely.”

“I think the Prime Minister has always supported women but today I think he has sent a very big message. Everything Indian women were waiting for.. it is for us to work through and perform (to achieve it).

“I am overwhelmed. I understand the impact of the decision. It is a huge responsibility. I just have no words in which I can convey my gratitude to the Prime Minister, the party and to my senior colleagues that they thought I am good enough for the role,” she added.

Sitharaman also said it sent out a message to the world.

“Imagine, the Cabinet Committee on Security having two women… Decisions on security-related matters being taken at par with men… This is a big message to all the countries which look up to India or even look at India saying what is happening to women in India,” she added.

We cannot be more proud and wish her all the very best.


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