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Will Things Spice Up In Bigg Boss With The Re-Entry Of Julie And Harathi?

It is not Oviya.

Written by Madhumitha Dhanasekaran.

Everything gets boring in this digital world. There are enough people to entertain the audience and with so many options, people switch easily. Entertainment industries have pretty much run out of ideas, that they try and bring out stuff we could never imagine. This happens to everyone, all of us are stuck at one point, like me, I think for hours to get those perfect words because sometimes it’s hard to find them out. We do many things, try something new, try something unexpected, sometimes we just go back to what we once were to get it going again, and that’s exactly what Bigg Boss is doing now.

The show started out as a hit, it slowly became everyone’s must watch programme for the amount of drama it involved, but soon as the show evicted each of its drama inducing contestants, it kind of lost its charm and did many things to bring it back. It introduced new people in the house, it gave them new tasks, but nothing quite seemed to get it back. So now, they have chosen to bring back what they had. Two contestants who were the most dramatic, who were sent out are now getting inside the house.

These two had many differences from Day 1 and it just grew as days passed. Their conversation or should I call them arguments were so dramatic that people were interested in watching it. Sounds like a tough combo to crack, given the many arguments that happened in the show. Let me put it out.

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