Which BB cream should You Use?

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Here’s an informative guide on BB creams and an insight into choosing the right one.

It feels like foundation and spreads like moisturizer, and it has made makeup so much easier. Contrary to public opinion, BB is not an acronym for Beauty-Benefit cream but Beauty-Blemish cream. BB creams are often formulated with antioxidants and skin-lightening ingredients that sometimes double up as foundation and skin cream. Some BB creams can also be substituted for sunscreen lotions, moisturizers, and blushes.

Know your BB

Just like foundations, BB creams come in all types of shades. As most Indian makeup experts would say, always choose a shade that is same as your skin tone; against going for one shade lighter. The BB cream blends into the skin evenly, so any part of your face that has a darker skin tone than the rest of your face will get highlighted with a lighter shade BB. BB creams have a thicker consistency than foundation and when it comes to blemish, BB creams not only take care of evening skin tones but also has several benefits such as acne reduction, oil control, dryness control and more. You can also choose to wear makeup on top off the BB cream as they are non-greasy.

Applying the BB

Like you would do with any other makeup product, it is best to apply BB cream with a brush. Take a small amount onto your palm and with a foundation brush, apply it evenly on your face and rub in till it starts blending with your skin tone. If you prefer not to use a brush, dab some cream onto your palm and with your index finger apply small dots all over your face and more on the parts where your skin tone is different. Work your fingertips in circles and rub the cream all over your face. If you intend to wear intense makeup after, it is best suggested that you pair the BB with a glow powder or deep rose-tinted blush for extra effect.

Choosing the right BB

There are BB creams that double up as sunscreen lotions and then there are some which act as anti-aging creams. Women aged in their 20s and 30s should opt for a thinner consistency and more luminescent providing BB. Women in their 40s should go for a full coverage BB cream that is slightly thicker and one that offers anti-aging ingredients such as Vitamin C.

For a light and fresh BB cream- Olay Fresh Effects BB cream

For light skin tones- Ponds Luminous BB cream

For dark Skin tones- Maybelline BB cream (Use Radiance for Dusky skin tones)

For smooth consistency- Garnier Skin Naturals BB cream

For oily skin types- L’oreal True Match BB cream

For complex skin types- Vichy Idealia BB Cream

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