What’s Trending: Shiny, Happy Skirts!

Shiny happy skirts for shiny happy people!

With fashion improving each day, there’s always some look coming back or a new look to try out. The latest trend now includes shiny, shimmery, glossy skirts. It was in vogue back in the 90s where all things glossy were at its peak. Now, however, the style statement features a simple plain t-shirt teamed with a completely jazzy skirt. Some are furry, some are ruffly, some simply shine away.

These are a few actresses who totally nailed the happy skirt look!

Samantha Akkineni


It sparkles and it surely grabs attention. In a picture she shared recently, her skirt goes super well with a pseudo trenchcoat top that has some tassles to it, just like her overdone skirt.



Kiara Advani


The t-shirt is plain, something that you could wear it at night time. However, it gets glamorous with that skirt. Shiney and completely appropriate for an eventful night out, the top surprisingly goes pretty well with it. Don’t forget the equally shiny shoes.



Katrina Kaif

Albeit not shiny, the t-shirt is spunky enough to go with the simple black tee. The metallic rings on the skirt holding it together make her outfit look casual and yet absolutely classy.



Alia Bhatt


In a golden midi skirt, Alia Bhatt teams up her look with a simple black tee and a camo jacket. The best part is, she keeps her feet shiny too with a pair of golden shoes and she manages to look no-frills and yet chic enough to make heads turn.



Taapsee Pannu


Tapsee for an event related to a movie of hers showed up in solidarity with the film, with name etched on her plain t-shirt. However, take note of how her skirt is anything but plain. Her accessories, too, are minimal so as to not take any focus from that frilly, sparkly skirt. Doesn’t she make you want to try out a new skirt now?

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