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What Do Women Voters Want: An Analysis By JFW Online!

The analysis emphasizes on women-related societal issues!

Campaigns are going on in full swing. Several different political Parties, some new, some old, have come with rather promising manifestos with the people of Tamil Nadu and Kerala simply looking for nothing but a Government that is efficient. While the lookout goes on and the campaigns are about to close down by the 4th of April, women voters have just a few questions in their mind – will the future look safe for them? Will pending cases on abuses and harassment ever be closed with a fair judgement and would gender discrimination ever be considered an issue?

JFW recently conducted a survey – a survey where we asked our women audience what they expect from the future Government. Here are the three points that topped the list:

1. Women Safety:

Nearly 85% of women voted for better safety in Tamil Nadu. Safety is not just an issue across Tamil Nadu but across the country. Women are exposed to various sort of unsettling situations inside and outside homes. When they come out into the open about it, they are morally supressed and judged for “being so open about something so shameful” – precisely, victim-blaming. Nationwide, Women are unsafe and the Government needs to accept that. Constant night patrolling, efficient emergency centres for women going through any kind of abuse, harassment or assault like enhancing and promoting the already existing Kaavalan App further.

More mental health centres need to be encouraged and set up. The Government needs to promote all the existing mental health centres helping victims tackle trauma and aid them with the future.

2. Justice denied than justice delayed:

About 3% women feel cases and FIR take longer to be registered. The Police should not wait for a case to get as severe and serious as a murder or rape and begin investigating the root cause behind such cases to completely try and abolish such malpractises in the state. When a victim comes with a case registration, reluctance is the devil. Authorities must listen and never come up with conclusions about any case before any primary investigation. The goal should be to create fear amongst predators with quick actions and spontaneous steps.

3. Gender discrimination:

About 11% women have opened up about gender discrimination and gender-based violence. Gender inequality is still a struggle in the country. Women are seeking for the Government to bring in equality and equal opportunities for them in every possible and opportunistic way. Promote it and in fact even create a propoganda relating to gender-equality and creating equal opportunities. When balance sustains, gender-based violence, most importantly domestic violence begins to reduce. During the lockdwon several women spoke out against domestic violence. Families even today, believe that it is a woman’s complete responsibility to run the household whether or not she works outside and with the lockdown upon us, we see most women stuck taking up everything from cooking and washing clothes to keeping the home clean while no one bothers to help. Several women filed a complaint not being able to take in all the physical and mental pressure.

Now that the lockdown down has ended, its time to end this discrimation as well. Everyone irrespective of gender needs to be given equal opportunities to shine and the Government could play a major role in this.

Hence, effective measures need to be well-researched upon and a better concept needs to be placed to make it easier for women to seek for help during utmost emergencies. Various programmes and workshops could be conducted at mental health centres with regards to sharing responsibilities inside and outside a home. The Government could also create equal work and other opportunities for communities to explore.

These are only one of the very many reasons our women audience could come up with. 1% of them had talked about ensuring equal pay, helping career-oriented women, better public toilet facilities among others.

To conclude, among all the propaganda and manifesto, the one thing women voters are seeking for is very basic necessities – safety, strength and a chance at being what they wish to be in a free country!

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