Were These Feminist Movies Actually Talking Anything About Women?

No, they were not.

Written By Madhumitha Dhanasekaran.

Did you know about Bechtel test? It is a test done to every film ever made. So, the test goes like this, “take a movie with at least two female characters who know each other, have character names and appear in the movie for more than 30 minutes and discuss something other than men or anyone else, but only them.” Very few movies have passed this test, very few. We are not giving you names of the movies that passed. The fact that there are only a few movies that have passed this test makes one thing very clear, we are not making or seeing movies that focus on women. After realizing this, you might wonder about few films, which you considered very women oriented and women empowering. Unfortunately, most of the movies you had in mind failed the test. Let us look at some of the movies made recently in Tamil Cinema, some that got a lot of attention because they were claimed or reviewed to be women empowered movies.

The recent release Taramani, Kaatru Veilyidai and last year’s release Iraivi. These movies were meant to focus on women who handled abusive men in life, and how they overcome it.

Fun fact: None of these three movies showed us how the women in these movies went through the sufferings.

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