Were These Feminist Movies Actually Talking Anything About Women?

No, they were not.



The last example is a Mani Ratnam movie, surprisingly. The director who has shown brilliant woman arc in many of his movies failed in it in the one movie he dedicatedly made for them. Leela was refreshing, but she wasn’t the major story arc. She was yet again one of the woman suffering. We are still wondering how she handled being a single mom, in 1990’s. We are still wondering why she accepted V.C? Eternal love? Seriously? Why go on and make a movie about an abusive guy, portray him in such a way the audience doesn’t like him, but the lady has to accept him? Why is she doomed with this guy?

These so-called feminist movies made in Tamil cinema are yet another way of telling women suffer but no one cares. We take time to show how this abusive man becomes that, we show how his film failed to hit screens, how he has a temper and how he has a lost life, but somehow in all these movies the women were ready to accept them/accepted them. Is it a way of telling women are kind-hearted? Aren’t we sending out a really bad message? The very bad message Anjali was told by the old women around her?

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