Were These Feminist Movies Actually Talking Anything About Women?

No, they were not.


No matter how abusive the man is, the woman will have to endure it and accept him. She has to forgive and forget, she has to wait for him to realize his mistakes, and once he does, welcome him warmly, isn’t it? Don’t you think this might become a reason for some woman somewhere to not tell her parents or friends about the abuse she is facing, because she learnt to wait and endure it all, with a hope that he will become fine one day?

We are not saying walking out is the only solution; we are just saying it’s also a solution. Women are not Iraivis
(Goddess), we are normal people, with normal feelings and normal expectations. We aren’t godly to tolerate everything and smile, we are humans and we would love to be treated and portrayed like one.

We ditch, they drink and dance for a hatred song, Adi da Avala, odha da avala?

We accept, they get the end card rolling.

Do we have a say at all? Ever?

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