We Are Saddened: Sathiyam TV’s Managing Director Speaks As 27 Channel Reporters Have Been Tested Positive With The Corona Virus!

Here is a timeline of what happened!

26 josurnalists of Sathiyam TV in Chennai tested positive for the coronavirus today. The patients are part of the desk and reporting units of the channel.

A 24-year-old sub-editor from the channel was initially tested positive two days a ago. Officials suspect the father, a sub-inspector, who could have been the carrier of the disease. However, this created chaos among all the members working in the television channel. 94 staff members had provided their swab tests and were asked to wait for 48 hours for their results to come in. The officer has updated that most of them have been home-quarantined except three.

“For now, we have instructed that no one should go into and out of the office premises. Only three persons are being allowed to work in the Production Control Room (PCR), for the channel to stay on air. The others were told to be in home quarantine,” the officer said.

The managing director of Sathiyam TV, Isaac Livingston expressed his grief further adding that the team would fully abide by the Government’s rule and will not be doing any live telecasts for thetime-being. “We are saddened by the fact that one of our own in Sathiyam TV and a few others from other TV channels got tested positive for coronavirus yesterday. This is unavoidable because our reporters go across the state to gather news for you all and in that pursuit some unfortunate things happen. At the same time, in order to cooperate with the State government and central government, Sathiyam TV has suspended its operations yesterday and today. I am happy to tell that this suspension was done to extend full cooperation to government officials, thus being a role model to other organisations. This is because we have to be a part in eradicating Coronavirus. It would be wrong of us to be selfish and say that our channel has to work irrespective of whoever gets infected. Hence we are only happy in doing this. We expect your support in the future too. We will back on air with full energy soon in a few hours.”

In an interview with the News Minute, a staff member from the Television channel stated, “

They live in the Royapuram police quarters and all the other family members tested negative. He found out that he had the virus only on Sunday morning and immediately informed the office,” says the journalist.

The Corporation official further advises media personnel to be more cautious as they continue to go to their offices.

“Social distancing is a must even if you are within your office premises. Wear a mask all the time even in the office and gloves if you are sharing computers or laptops,” he says. “Constantly keep washing your hands and avoid contact with your colleagues.”

Overall, 76 persons have been tested positive for the Corona Virus today but the silver lining is that 178 of them have been discharged in just one day making the total number of discharges in TN to 635.

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