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“We Are Not Going To Keep Quiet!”

The Women in Cinema Collective speak!

The Women in Cinema Collective (WCC) held a press meet during the weekend in a bid to call out Association Of Malayalam Movie Artistes’ (AMMA) inefficiency and weigh in on the ongoing #MeToo movement which has gained momentum in the country. Lead by its members – Revathi, Padmapriya, Parvathy TK, Bina Paul, Anjali Menon, Rima Kallingal – the collective aimed to put forth their points on how the system has been functioning thus far with respect to women in the industry.

The WCC was formed last year by women from the Malayalam film industry soon after a colleague of theirs’s – a high-profile actress – was abducted and sexually assaulted which was eventually shown to have been orchestrated by actor Dileep. During the weekend, WCC posed a series of questions, particularly on the reinstatement of Dileep into AMMA, something which occurred soon after Mohanlal took office.

Actress Rima Kallingal said that while in Bollywood, people are being dropped from projects whose names are coming up in the #MeToo list, the same isn’t trickling down in the Malayalam film industry. Film editor Bina Paul said that this meeting is not to show that they as the WCC are looking resign from AMMA but instead, they are by the survivor’s side.

“It’s an industry where one day my daughters’ friends or even my daughter would join. It should be safe for them, it needs to undergo a change from within,” said veteran actress Revathi.

The press conference also had the members of the WCC describe how shameful their meeting with AMMA took place. The survivor was shamed, the women were not heard, and opinions were weighed in yet no solution came out of it. It is hinted that perhaps the AMMA never really wanted to do anything for the survivor.

Parvathy, who is known for her vocal opinions and is frequently trolled for being an outspoken person, spoke of the reality that plagues AMMA. “AMMA is not a happy family. It is not going to quiet down. We are not going anywhere. We will be here, but we will not shut our eyes and keep quiet!” she said.


Image Courtesy: The New Indian Express

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