Ways To Slay The Season’s Boldest Makeup!!

Wild & Wonderful! Go bold or go home!

By Sruthi Ravinder 

If nudes and neutrals feel monotonous to you, here’s a wave of colour to indulge in! Time to get popping with daring neons and mysteriously dark tones. Think Rihanna’s bold blue makeup, Kendall Jenner’s green eyeliner, and Aishwarya Rai Bachan’s purple lipstick, and you might see where we’re headed with this.

5 beauty investments you’ll never regret

Dramatic Pouts

Trade that tinted lip balm or basic brown for a wicked purple, bubblegum pink, bold corals, summer peaches or even cobalt. Although a deep red shade may come to mind when you think of a statement lip, much brighter colours are in store for 2019.  So don’t lock away your bright shades during the daytime. When paired with bold brows, mascara for lush lashes, a poppy shade can look nonchalant and effortless for daytime. If it is for work do not wear any other makeup, keep away from blush and eye makeup to balance out your lip shade. If you’re looking to test the waters on the stormy side, here are our tips for you:

Try matching your lip colour with your outfit, be it baby pink, violet or even black

  • Let your lips do the talking, pull your hair back into an easy ponytail.
  • Keep cheeks and eyes bare (NO smokey eyes, you do not want to look like one of Johnny Depp’s eccentric characters).
  • Use a translucent powder lip liner to keep your bold shade within the boundaries of your lips
  • Pair your bold lips with bold brows!
  • Always do a smile check to make sure your shades haven’t stained your teeth.

With funky lipstick, confidence is key; keep your head high and work that attitude!


Nailing the crystal charm: OTT-Nails  

Who would have missed Elle Fanning’s Met Gala Manicure? The actress took pretty nails up a few notches, attaching charms to each of her pink tips. While these may be a little too à la mode, a more practical version can always be adapted. The crystal nail has made its glamorous entry into the nail game, and it’s not as exclusive and high-budgeted as it looks. You can source tiny crystals from local craft stores or nail art stores. Use nail glue for fixing them; transparent nail enamel is also a perfect alternative. Just pick up a nail brush and go Rembrandt on those nailbeds!


The season’s hottest highlights: Holographic to Metallic

Time to ditch your subtle highlights; your cheeks, and jaw lines deserve out-of-this-world, holographic highlighters. A perfect way to switch up your beauty look, these shining shades shift colours in the light from looking blue to purple when the sunshine hits your face. You can apply a gentle sheen or go all out and shine like a diamond. You can also try metallic highlighters. You’ll never feel more luxe than when you’re rocking rose gold on your cheeks.

Eyetalk: Mascara & Eyeliner

Let your eyes do the talking: bright eyeliner and vibrant mascara are 2019’s biggest beauty trends. Your baby steps to bold eyes start with neon.You can use this to create endless looks, from your classic cat-eyes to the seductive smokey eye. You can also use neon or pastel eyeliners to touch-up only the ends of your eyes to add a pop of colour.


Twinning is winning: A fresh take to winged eyeliner, choose two contrasting hues and use them to create a two-toned wing that’ll amp up your regular outfit. You can have a different version of this complement combo from pastel colour, silver-gold and even a monochrome black and white.


Invest in: Neon eyeliner, Blue Mascara


High Shine & Glitter: Eye shadow

Glitter eyeshadow can be your new best friend to help you achieve the look of the season. Not new on the block, glitter saw its rise in in the early 90s’ and 2000s, and has now been ushered back by all the greatest runways from Oscar de la Renta to Prada to Elie Saab this fall. Here are three favourite styles to steal:


Daytime: ‘Barely there’ glitter eye is the perfect daytime shimmer. It makes for an on-point gentle glow.

Evening cocktail: Hologram eyes can be created with a silver glitter eye shadow pallet. When the light hits silver glitter, its iridescence will instantly brighten your eyes.


For the night: A gold glitter pallet is also a worthy investment. It looks great layered on top of any colour of eyeshadow and makes for the perfect glam combo.



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