Was Amala Akkineni The Most Under-Dressed At The Sam-Chay Wedding?

She could have done much better!

The grandeur of Samantha and Chaitanya’s wedding needn’t be explained. The gorgeous Goan wedding was far more than what a fairytale wedding would have been. According to the reports, Naga Chaitanya and Samantha’s wedding’s budget is Rs 10 Crore. The gorgeous wedding ceremony’s pictures were winning and trending on the internet ever since the events had started.

Sam herself is a fashionista who handpicks her attires for even a normal outing. Her choice of clothes are simple, elegant yet chic and in-style. To everyone’s expectations, most in the guest list were equally well dressed and everyone was literally putting out their best.

While the bride herself looked super elegant and royal, her mother in law Lakshmi Daggubati looked equally wonderful. Her choice of a Sabyasachi saree with some beautiful jewellery made her look the happiest mother of Chay.

Nagarjuna and Akhil looked super dapper in their tux and we couldn’t take our eyes off them.

However, one among the family that looked extremely underdressed was none other than Amala Akkineni. Her red mini dress might have been a go-to simple choice. However, it was ill-fitted on her and there was no jewellery to cover up the dress. It looked more like a nightwear than for a wedding!

Have a look at these pictures:



Amala is known for her simple yet elegant choice of clothing. Although it is a great one, just a little more effor would have nailed her look!

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