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Ultimate Guide to Matterhorn!

The best of Alps!

The Matterhorn

Switzerland is known for its cheese, chocolate and banks. But it’s most famous icon is the Matterhorn. It is mystical, magical and is the epitome of a perfect mountain with its pyramid-shaped peak which has four distinct sides that align with the north, south, east and west. How surreal is that!

The Matterhorn is situated in the PennineAlps and has the reputation of being the most photographed mountain in the world. Standing at about 4478 meters, it is the sixth tallest mountain in Europe. It is said that the mountain began as a rounded hill but erosive forces overtime gave the mountain its unique shape. The name Matterhorn is derived from “Matte’ meaning meadow and ‘Horn’ meaning peak.

When to visit The Matterhorn

Mid-July – Mid September is considered the best time to visit the mountain depending on the amount of snow. However, the weather here is unpredictable – do keep that in mind.

Where to stay

Zermatt with its hotels and restaurants is the ideal place to make as your base when visiting The Matterhorn.

Getting from Zermatt to The Matterhorn

From the railway station, follow the signs to the Gondola station. This is about a 20-30 minute walk. Zermatt is a car-free town except for electric transportation. The journey to the mid station, Furiispicturesque; the route winds through meadows and alpine forests. In Furi, change to a cable car which will take you to TrocknerSteg from where you need to change again for the final cable car ride that will take you to The Matterhorn.

Hiking Trails

There are many hiking trails. What I would recommend is The Five Lakes Walk which I thought was breathtaking with The Matterhorn reflected in some of them. If hiking is on your agenda then it’s best to do some research online and choose what suits you best.

With the peace and power it radiated, the experience of the Matterhorn has left a lasting impression on me.

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