Ultimate Guide to Indian Prints! #FashionForward

Wear it right!

Indian prints are versatile; from a saree to a pair of trousers, they make any garment pop splendidly. Inspired by nature, the prints are a reflection of the culture and tradition that we are bound by. One can see our heritage, ancestry, folklore, and values through the diversity of these prints. 

For years, our fashion was predominantly influenced by the west. From silhouettes, prints, colours, accessories, looks and even style- ours aligned itself to their form of expression. Even though India has the best artisans, textiles, and techniques, we were drawn by what was “imported”. But this trend has certainly seen a shift. With Indian designers on top of their game, the fashion scene has evolved. And with that, we have also seen a rise in the use of Indian fabrics, for instance, hand-block prints, Kalamkari, Ajrakh, and tie-and-dye.

Prints are an integral part of fashion. From bold florals to geometrics, fabrics tend to tell a story with prints. And like trends, prints too have a season. Summers call for the bright, bold and colorful ones while the autumn season wants a cool, serene print.

Prints also reveal a lot about the person wearing it. Personalities can be drawn out by observing what a person chooses to style themselves with. A lot of millennials today are bringing back Indian textiles in fashion.

One can choose prints according to their body type as well. Prints and patterns, if chosen wisely can work to accentuate different body shapes. For example, women wide at the hips (pear shape) are generally advised to avoid wearing any prints in the bottom half of the outfit. If you identify with this body description, opt for a printed top with dark coloured denim or pants.  If you’re heavier around the bust, then small prints are good for your tops. A busy print or large motifs will bring more attention to a big bust. But a pair of Kalamkari palazzos or bandhani skirt will be perfect.

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