Two Women Forced To Quit Jobs As A Result Of Dr. Priyanka Reddy’s Rape And Brutal Murder!

This is outrageous!

Nobody is able to get over the shivering incident of Priyanka Reddy’s brutal gangrape and this seems to never end. It was a workday and Priyanka, after a hard day at work saving lives, was getting back home at 9:00 pm when she was stopped by a few men where they screamed, “Ma’am your tyres are punctured.” The series of incidents that unfold after that is just plain scary.

As a result, parents in the state are taking drastic measures to “protect” their daughters. While we had earlier reported that one of the girls was asked to stop her dance classes which she dearly loves. Now, two of these women who love their job, have been asked to quit so that monsters could roam around the streets freely. It is only understandable the unconditional fear every parent must have to send their daughter and wait for them to return safely. But, it is so unfair that we have put them in the situation.

Women are slowly being deprived of the basic right to work and be passionate about something they love. Eventually, all the women are going to be locked up as a result of fear. One cannot even imagine where this country is even headed.

Meanwhile, here’s what these two girls had to say:


The scenario seems absolutely sad!

Priyanka’s conversation with her sister was six minutes long and this is what had happened. “Please keep talking to me, I am scared.I just got done with work. Please talk for a while. I’ll tell you the reason later. I told you about the usual place where I park my bike, right? But when I was trying to park the vehicle there today, the toll plaza guy told me that police are towing illegally parked vehicles. So I parked the vehicle at the other end of the toll plaza. After returning, I found that the vehicle had a flat tyre.”

To that, her sister had asked Priyanka to just leave the vehicle in the spot and fix it in the morning. However, Priyanka was reportedly heard saying she is scared and that few of the people near a Lorry were insisting on helping her fix and weren’t letting her go. “Listen to me, there’s a lorry here and people are in it. And one person from it offered to help and said that he would get the bike fixed. He took the bike and returned saying that the shops were closed. Again, he said that he would take it somewhere. I am scared. There are vehicles around. When I told them that I will leave, they insisted that I don’t. They said what if the vehicle stopped in between. I am scared. They are all waiting outside.”

She further added, “When I started the bike, they said, ‘Madam, your tyre is punctured’. When I told them that I will ride the bike till the bus stop and get it fixed there, a lorry driver insisted that he would get it fixed. He sent a small boy to get the vehicle repaired. But the boy returned saying that the shops were closed. Then he said that there’s some other shop. But when I said that I will leave, he said what if the bike stops somewhere in between?”

The woman reiterates that she’s scared, and doesn’t know what to do.

“I am very scared of them. I feel like crying. I don’t feel like standing here. You please keep talking until my bike comes back. They (lorry drivers) are all waiting outside. You please keep talking to me, I am scared,” she says. That was the very last they heard from the vet.

When the woman didn’t return home even after 10 pm, the family decided to go look for her.

In an interview with 10TV, the woman’s sister said, “We went and looked for her in the entire area. We asked the people who were there near the parking area, but they didn’t know.”

The next day, Priyanka’s body was found charred in the Outer Ring Road (ORR) underpass in Chatanpally village under Shadnagar police limits. The Police then confirmed the arrest of four men namely Mohammed Areef (26), Jollu Shiva (20), Jollu Naveen (20) and Chintakunta Chennakeshavulu (20). All four men are natives of Narayanpet district.

The accused had reportedly noticed the doctor park her bike near the toll gate at around 6 PM. The four reportedly consumed alcohol and had planned to rape the victim. Reportedly, as per plan, Naveen deflated the scooter tyre. When the victim returned to pick up her vehicle, Areef got down from his lorry and informed her that the vehicle had a puncture.

Offering help, Shiva took the bike to fix it while the other three took her to an abandoned toll plaza room and raped her. Areef then suffocated her for her to not scream but she died as a result. The accused then drove the truck around with the body.

At 7 am, Shadnagar police received information about a burnt dead body in the underpass, in Chatanpally. After going through the list of missing persons, police identified Priyanka.

While this caught the entire Nation’s attention, someone who is extremely worried about their daughters would be the parents so much so the girls in the state are being asked to come home by 8 PM. Singer Chinmayi shared one such message that reached here. Have a look:


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